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How to install photosphere on a Samsung Galaxy S3

by Milo Timbol

  • May 7, 2013
  • Tutorials


Android Jelly Bean 4.2 has this cool feature which allows you to create 360 panoramic photos, it is called photosphere. However Jelly Bean 4.2 might still be months away from being officially released to the Samsung Galaxy S3 so I had to do some “hacks” to install this feature. I am no expert on android and I usually don’t want to modify my phone as I might break it and loose important data but for this case I needed to test the photosphere for a project I am working on(I’ll talk more about it at the end of this article).

To install it I basically followed the instructions I found on this website

How to Install Google’s New Jelly Bean 4.2 “Photo Sphere” Camera on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

It’s pretty straightforward except the part where he says

“Once in Recovery, wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache. Flash the file you placed on your phone. Before rebooting, find the “Fix Permissions” option and select it. Now, reboot.”

For some reason I could not find that Dalvik cache option. It turns out I needed to install clock work mod first. So I used instructions here to do that. Another thing I also had to do was put a micro SD card to my S3 because in clock work mod you have to get the file from the SD card. There is a menu item saying “install zip from SD card”. I am referring to this file by the way. The link is also found on the first website I mentioned.

If you’ve followed the instructions correctly you should see two new icons on your phone.


To begin using photosphere just launch the new camera app. You should see the viewfinder as shown in the photo below. Click on camera icon on the lower left section of the screen and then select the sphere icon. Slowly complete the sphere by aligning the camera to where the blue spots are. Once you’ve completed the sphere press the stop button. Photosphere will stitch the photos automatically. Go to the new Gallery app and click on the thumbnail of the 360 photos you’ve just taken to see the resulting 360 sphere, if it’s not yet done stitching you will see a status of the stitching process.


Here’s a sample result taken handheld in portrait position. Click here to download the full sized file. To see the interactive 360 tour click on the image below.


With any 360 panoramic photo the secret to getting a perfect stitch is to keep the camera at it’s nodal point or NPP when shooting. According to NPP is – This special “no-parallax point” is the center of the lens’s entrance pupil. It is very difficult to this handheld that is why professional panoramic photographers always use a tripod or monopod with a panoramic head.

Although you can create a nice 360 panoramic photo handheld I wanted to see if I could get a perfect stitch if I used a nodal head for my Galaxy S3 so I dismantled my pano pro lens and combined it with my Nodal Ninja 3 to come up with my own panoramic head for Samsung Galaxy S3.


Here’s the result taken with the custom nodal head. Click here to download the full sized file. To see the interactive 360 tour click on the image below.


The panoramic photo taken using the tripod looks better and has fewer stitching errors however I expected there weren’t going to be any errors and it would be perfect stitch. It could be because the stitching of photosphere is not as advanced as other stitching software like ptgui or maybe I still didn’t get the correct Nodal point of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Anyway, perfect stitch or not the results are promising and the technology will definitely improve in the years to come. I am excited to see the future releases of photosphere. – Our startup idea

Update 8/8/20113 – We have discontinued development of tourbott because we didn’t get enough people interested in it. In short our idea sucks! haha. Well, off to the next thing. Read on if you want to know what it’s all about.


A few weeks ago a friend and I joined Startup Weekend Manila. It’s an event where you pitch an idea, develop it, and present it to potential investors in just a weekend. The winners get cool prizes and some media exposure. Unfortunately we didn’t win anything but it was a great experience.

Since I’m into 360 panoramic photography, the idea I had was related to that. I’ve been making 360 virtual tours for over 5 years now and most of my clients are hotels, resorts and real estate companies but I would get constant inquiries from real estate brokers, agents and property owners. However they find my fees too high so they won’t avail of my services.

Recently I learned that android has released photosphere and Iphone has a similar app created by Microsoft called photosynth. There is even a kickstarter gadget called galileo which will automatically take a 360 photo for you (see video below). Although it’s success remains to be proven, I think the technology is going to the direction where taking 360 panoramas will be easily be available to anyone.

There are already websites where you can upload these 360 photos, google allows you to upload the spheres, there’s ,,, and other websites that let you upload 360 panoramic photos but we haven’t found anything that catered to the real estate community. So will do just that. For an explanation of how it works see photo below.


Here’s a sample 360 Virtual Tour that will come out of tourbott. One cool feature it will have is the ability to let users download the files for offline use. They can present their properties even without internet using their pc, mac, ipad. You can download these files on the website under the sample section.

If you’re interested in trying it out please sign up to our mailing list found on the tourbott website. If you have any suggestions or comments about the website please contact me. Any insights will be very helpful to us in developing this website.


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